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What We Believe

As a client-centric financial services firm, we believe strongly in the importance of establishing relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime. The truth is, we genuinely care about our clients. We are committed to seeing them succeed and are overjoyed when they reach their goals. What we believe as a firm has a very real effect on you and your financial future. Discover more about what is important to us, by exploring below.

Our Mission

At Family Legacy Financial, Inc., our mission is to transform legacies by providing ongoing education and a first class client experience, in order to empower all walks of life with knowledge and discipline to take control of their lives.

Our Values

The core of our mission as a firm is to deliver a first class client experience to every individual, family, and business we serve. We understand that personal finances are personal. It is one of the most intimate and sacred aspects of your life, and trusting someone with the responsibility to watch over your nest egg isn’t easy.

At Family Legacy Financial, our values drive every client interaction, every plan creation, and every decision we make both for ourselves, and for our clients. We strive to provide services that are founded on faith, integrity, kindness, knowledge, education, loyalty, respect, service, and reputation.

As hard as we will work to help you reach your financial goals, we will work just as hard to ensure the services we provide are held to the highest possible standard.

Our Philosophy

Our mission and values set a standard for what you can expect when you work with us, and our philosophy as a firm defines what to expect from our services and planning process as a whole. Whether personal or professional - finances are complex. We realize this, and have established a philosophy that encourages simplicity and understanding.

Through organization, accountability, objectivity, pro-activity, education, and partnership, Family Legacy Financial strives to instill the knowledge needed to manage your own financial life, so that you can pass that knowledge to your children and future generations.