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Our Story: What's in a Name?

Family Legacy Financial was founded by Landon Carter in 2014. Today, Landon serves as the firm’s CEO. His story is the reason why Family Legacy Financial came to be.

Landon grew up in a small town in rural Tennessee. Despite having a father who worked harder than most, Landon’s family was low-income. Regardless of this fact, he remembers his childhood fondly, with plenty of time spent with both parents, and their ability to always find fun things to do for free.

As an observant young boy, Landon couldn’t help but notice how much his parents struggled financially. He knew nothing about finances, but knew he wanted to grow up to become a wealthy businessman and take care of his family. When he shared his future plans with his dad, he laughed and said, “Unfortunately, you are a Carter. Carters work hard, but aren’t rich.” Rather than let this information get him down, Landon became determined to prove his father’s theory wrong, and ultimately change the legacy of the Carter family name.  

Once he discovered how many people struggle with understanding their finances, Landon found his purpose in life as a financial professional. It became his personal mission to educate others, and help them change their family’s legacy in the same way he was changing his own.

After working for eight years in the industry, Landon made the decision to branch out and establish his own firm so that he could truly help families be financially free. Today, Landon hopes that through education and understanding, he can teach families to manage their finances, pass that knowledge to future generations, and change their family’s legacy.